• “As a discharged veteran, the transition was difficult and very challenging. Lena was able to effortlessly translate and transition my military experience into a very professional resume. I truly believe the time spent seeking employment was vastly cut in half thanks to her. The services to be rendered by Aspire Ahead will assist all women transitioning from the military to civilian life in a major way with an ease each deserves.” – Jim C.


  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lena while serving in the US Navy and one thing that I learned about her is that she is a passionate and committed individual to whomever she encounters. In every interaction with her, you always walk away knowing that you have been blessed by her sweet kindness, her faith and compassion, and her continual sacrifice to serve others. She offers perpetual encouragement to lift you up so that you can get more out of life through your own walk of faith and relationships with others. She encouraged me to further my education and to better myself and I was fortunate enough to have Lena update my resume for me and with it I was able to find a great position at a company that I love. It is refreshing to meet someone in today’s society willing to put other’s needs ahead of their own. Lena is that type of individual. I highly recommend her and her business to assist female Veterans in their career and personal development.” – Matthew J.


  • “After you updated my resume I began to get more call backs and interviews from employers. Your updates have helped me obtain my current employment.” – Jordan M.