The Aspire Ahead Mission

We honorably served our country and now aim to serve our Female Veterans with integrity, inspiration and innovation.

Aspire Ahead is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Minority Owned Small Business (MOSB), & Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) founded by a retired US Navy Personnelman & Veteran of the Persian Gulf War, Operation Desert Shield & Desert Storm campaigns.

We are an organization, leading the way in providing workforce & career development training, to enrich the professional lives of Female Veterans, striving towards better career opportunities.  Aspire Ahead endeavors to offer the resources & support necessary to ensure that our Female Veterans, who have proudly served our nation, are well-equipped & adequately prepared for the demands of the civilian workplace. We work with our clients to provide professional training, intended to strengthen the capabilities Female Veterans already possess & help them solve any problems they may encounter during their transition to the civilian world.

Oftentimes, highly-qualified Female Veteran candidates are overlooked for potential job opportunities & advancements, simply because of lack of training or because the skills they obtained in the military aren’t properly translated to reflect how they may meet the needs of the private sector. These are just a few of the circumstances that Aspire Ahead wishes to circumvent with our transition specific training designed to empower our clients & meet these challenges. We understand the unique & often misunderstood skill sets that Female Veterans have acquired during their military service. We bridge the language gap and help to translate those key military personnel skill sets into into highly sought after areas of experience that can be successfully applied to their emerging professional civilian lives.

Each veteran will also receive a follow-up, after completing our collective training, to further assist them in continuing to build upon their personal development over the long term. Aspire Ahead is committed to supporting our clients through their entire transitioning period - from their active-duty military careers to successful civilian professional lives.

Aspire Ahead understands the unique professional skill sets that many female veterans acquire during their military service. Often times, highly-qualified female veteran candidates miss out on potential job opportunities or potential opportunities for advancement, simply because these skill sets aren't translated well to the civilian community.

Aspire Ahead bridges the language gap and helps translates those key military personnel skill sets into highly sought after areas of experience in the civilian world.

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Client Testimonials

Jordan K.

After you updated my resume I began to get more call backs and interviews from employers. Your updates have helped me obtain my current employment. Employers have been impressed at how clean and well put together my resume is after your updates. Thank you so much again for your help.

Matthew J.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lena while serving in the US Navy and one thing that I learned about her is that she is a passionate and committed individual to whomever she encounters. In every interaction with her, you always walk away knowing that you have been blessed by her sweet kindness... READ MORE


As a discharged veteran, the transition was difficult and very challenging. Lena was able to effortlessly translate and transition my military experience into a very professional resume´. I truly believe the time spent seeking employment was vastly cut in half thanks to her. READ MORE